In the Netherlands, the hospitality and hotel sector is governed by a standardised set of terms and conditions known as the UVH (uniforme voorwaarden horeca), regulated by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Hague. You can find these terms and conditions explained in detail on the following website: (click here)

These rules apply to the Mary K hotel, with some small adjustments due to the special characteristics of our small hotel. These adjustments you will find below. Please note that our non-refundable rates are discounted and have strict conditions applied to them: they can not be changed or cancelled for any given reason.

If for whatever reason, you would like to change or cancel your reservation we ask that you inform us as soon as possible, by e-mail or phone. The closer you cancel before your check-in date, the more difficult it is for us to make your room available to another guest. The given percentages below are a percentage of the total reservation value. With a cancellation we will not charge city tax. An example of how to read the number of nights: 3 nights can be 3 rooms for one night, or 3 nights in one room.

Policy for cancellations of reservations for 1, 2 or 3 nights:

Please note that there is no penalty for reservations cancelled a full 48 hours before the arrival date*
In the event of cancellation less than 48 hours prior to the arrival date, the customer will be charged 100% of the reservation value.

Policy for cancellation of 4, 5 or 6 nights:

Please note that there is no penalty for reservations cancelled 3 or more weeks before the arrival date
In the event of cancellation between 3 weeks and 2 weeks before the arrival date, the customer will be charged 25% of the reservation value.
In the event of cancellation between 2 weeks and 1 week before the arrival date, the customer will be charged 50% of the reservation value.
In the event of cancellation less than 1 full week before the arrival date, the customer will be charged 100% of the reservation value.

Policy for cancellations of 7 or more nights:

Please note that there is no penalty for reservations cancelled more than 4 weeks before the arrival date.
In the event of cancellation between 4 weeks and 3 weeks before the arrival date, the customer will be charged 25% of the reservation value.
In the event of cancellation between 3 weeks and 2 weeks before the arrival date, the customer will be charged 50% of the reservation value.
In the event of cancellation less than 2 full weeks before the arrival date, the customer will be charged 100% of the reservation value.

* Please note that 48 hours before the arrival date means 48 hours, or two days, before 00:00hrs on the day of arrival. For example, if you have a reservation for an arrival on a Monday, you can cancel without penalty until the previous Friday at 29:59hrs. A cancelation, therefore, on Saturday – at any time – would be less than 48 hours before the arrival date.


Here at Mary K we have always been happy with our bitesize hotel and now being a small boutique hotel makes it easy for us to follow the new guidelines and restrictions.

Our measures during the corona crisis are as following:

Checking in:

Given the current circumstances and at the request of many guests, we have chosen to arrange a contactless self-check-in for you. We will provide you with all the necessary information in advance by email.

But we wouldn’t be Mary K if we didn’t continue to provide the high quality service you expect from us. Prior to your stay we will contact you by phone to help you plan your trip. We can recommend restaurants to eat out or have food delivered, we can tell you where the coolest shops are, where you can rent a boat and much more. See us as your personal Mary K assistant! After our conversation, we will send the information again by email so that you can start planning ahead.


In order to ensure a mostly ‘contactless’ check-out as well, you can pay in advance for your stay online. If you prefer to pay on the morning of check-out, we ask you to do this by bank card or credit card.

The rooms:

The Mary K Hotel has 10 rooms divided over 4 floors. The chance of running in to another guests is slim. Should you come across another guest or staff member it will be easy to make way for one and other in the hallways.

You will have your own thoroughly cleaned room that provides everything you need. We use antibacterial products to clean the rooms and we take extra care with all high contact points like doorknobs, light switches and remote controls.

Communal areas:

In our communal areas we have also taken precautionary measures to keep our guests and staff members safe and healthy.
● Antibacterial soap is provided for our guests and staff members in the reception.
● We wash our hands and the beginning of our shifts and many times during the day.
● Throughout the hotel disinfectant hand gel is provided.
● We are taking the time to disinfect all extras such as light switches, remote controls, doorknobs, the stair railings, phone’s, etc.
● We also clean our office area and disinfect the phone, mouse and keyboard before and after every shift.
● We work with two shifts in a day, and work with only one staff member at a time together with our housekeeping during the mornings.


We are ready for the new 1.5 meter minimum spacing requirements.

Just like before we will ask you to make a decision on breakfast before check-in. This way we will know what to prepare and we also create the least possible amount of waste.

We will also ask you at what time you would like to have breakfast, so that we can work to spread the breakfast service out, and minimise foot traffic. That way we can make sure there won’t be too many guests at once in our reception at any given time. We have two time blocks: 7:30-9:00 and 9:30-10:30 o’clock.

The breakfast area will be set up in a way that it’s easy to pass one another while maintaining a safe 1.5 meter separation, and the tables will also be set up at a safe distance.

When your breakfast is ready we will place it on the counter and notify you so that you can pick it up and bring it to your own table.

If you like we can also deliver your breakfast to your room at no extra cost.


Housekeeping will clean the rooms between stays thoroughly with the use of antibacterial products and extra measures regarding hygiene. If you wish to use our housekeeping service during your stay in the Mary K Hotel, we can arrange this.


Our suppliers have been chosen based on the delivery of top-notch organic products. We trust in them to handle the same high standard in measures against the coronavirus as we do at the Mary K Hotel. Together we will provide the best products in a safe environment for you to enjoy.

We are convinced that these corona-related measures are sufficient to enable you to have a safe, comfortable and relaxed stay at the Mary K Hotel. In case you have any further questions or remarks please contact us. We will do everything in our power to provide a pleasant stay.

Stay safe, stay happy.

Team Mary K

Keeping your data in accordance with the new legislation:

The Mary K Hotel stores your data for contact purposes only.
After your stay at Mary K Hotel you will automatically receive 1 single e-mail asking how you experienced your stay.
You will not be part of a mailing list and we will treat your data with the utmost care and never provide it to third parties.
You have the right to delete your data at all times.

Mary K Hotel House rules:

Every hotel has them: house rules. They never sound quite as friendly as we meant them to be. But we do want to get them off our chest. As a guest of the Mary K Hotel we ask you kindly to oblige these rules. If you violate any of them, we can deny you further admission to our hotel and in some cases, notify the relevant authorities.

Aggression: Threats, abuse or any other form of aggression will not be tolerated.

Alcohol: Alcohol abuse is strictly forbidden in our hotel. Please drink responsibly.

Belongings: It is prohibited to take any of our belongings outside the building. When damaging any of our belongings you are held responsible for either repairing or replacing them. For the safety of our as well as your own belongings, please lock your door after leaving your room. We do provide secure lock up for traveling documents and valuables. We do not take any responsibility for theft, loss or damage. If you leave your valuables with us, you do so at your own risk.

Candles: Incense, candles, flammable liquids are strictly forbidden. Our fire alarms are very, very sensitive!

Complaints: If you have complaints of any kind, please let us know as soon as possible. That way we can do our very best to resolve them.

Drugs: Using or trading drugs or any illegal substances is strictly forbidden in and around the premises of the Mary K Hotel.

Identification: Guests must present a valid passport or ID card to gain accommodation at the hotel.

Noise: The volume of TV and radio should be played at a level not to be heard outside of the room. Please be considerate of the other guests and don’t make noise after 22:00. All noise must be avoided upon leaving or coming back to the hotel out of respect for the hotel’s neighbours and your fellow guests.

Pets: Pets are not allowed in the Mary K Hotel.

Respect: Please respect this hotel, other guests, our staff and our neighbours.

Non Smoking hotel: The Mary K Hotel is a non-smoking hotel. Smoking is not allowed in any of the rooms or any other areas in the hotel. Smoking while hanging outside the window of your room is not allowed either. If you do smoke we will have to charge a fee of €250 euros to cover for extra cleaning costs and the fact that the room cannot be used, for health and safety reasons, for 24 hours afterwards. When you set off the fire alarm you are responsible for the costs for the firemen arriving on false alarm as well.

Note!: If you do smoke we have to charge a fee of €250,- plus extra costs if you set of the fire alarm.

Trading: Trading in goods is prohibited in and around the Mary K property.

Visitors: If you bring company to your room, always inform reception. So that in case of an emergency we know who was and still is inside the Mary K Hotel. We reserve the right to deny visitors at our discretion.

Weapons: Bringing weapons into the Hotel is strictly forbidden and will lead to immediate dismissal and notification of the relevant authorities.