Mary K happily contributes to a cleaner and more honest world each day when making decisions about energy efficiency, water use and ensuring that food served is organic, fairtrade and locally-sourced wherever possible.

Maintaining official certification for a small hotel like ours has proven difficult and we took the decision to let our Green Key Gold eco-label certification expire. After several years of green and environmentally-conscious operation, Green is in our DNA and we decided that we don’t need endless check-lists and expensive commissions to prove it to you, our guests. We would rather use this time and budget to innovate and apply new sustainable applications.

With our own Green Deluxe Certified label, we illustrate online as well as offline how we contribute to a cleaner and honest world. Hopefully you will discover how easy it is to make a difference.

As part of our CSR policy, we aim to make conscious choices when purchasing our products and materials. Before choosing, we consider the impact on the environment and humanity. With our procurement, we always consider the potential for fairtrade, recycled, organic, energy-efficient or locally sourced goods. If possible, we choose certified products but also products from companies that share the same values as the Mary K Hotel but are unable to obtain an eco-label for legitimate reasons, are among the possibilities. We prefer to work with suppliers who wish to operate sustainably from their hearts instead of the market and associated trends induce them to do so.

  • During the development and renovation process we constantly tried to find the eco-friendliest products and solutions fitting to our budget.
  • The whole property is painted with Aquamarijn paint. An environmentally friendly, linseed oil based paint which is solvent free.
  • We have a venting system with heat recovery.
  • We have isolated the property in the best possible way within the limitations of an 18th century building. In 2013, we added double-glazed windows to the front rooms of the hotel for extra isolation.
    And in 2019 we added window film for monumental buildings, to better keep the rooms at a constant temperature.
  • Out of respect for the history of the property we have tried to preserve and restore the existing monumental features.
  • For the interior design we have chosen predominantly second-hand furniture and when refurbishing these, we used environmentally-friendly paint.
  • We have chosen Fairtrade and organic bed and bath linen.
  • We chose bath products in soap dispensers.
  • We have water-saving showerheads with a maximum of 9 litres per minute, the tabs use a maximum of 5 litres per minute and the toilets a maximum of 6 litres per flush.
  • We have energy efficient lighting throughout the hotel and ‘energysavers’ at the entrance of the hotel rooms.
  • Our food and beverages are organic, fairtrade and local wherever possible. By pre-ordering your breakfast we minimize waste.
  • We collaborate with small local caterers who use mostly organic products as well.
  • We inform our stakeholders (customers, colleagues and suppliers) that we have a green heart and operate as responsible as possible.
  • Our website is hosted on Greenhost.
  • We have green and renewable electricity.
  • We use eco-certified paper and have our printed materials printed at a eco-certified printing office.
  • Our cleaning products are eco-certified.
  • We reduce waste by not using mono packages and by using recyclable materials.
  • We reduce waste by separating waste fractions (paper, glass, plastic/tin/cartons, cartridges, coffee cups)
  • When buying new equipment, we choose energy saving and water saving models where possible.
  • We try to become a little bit greener every day. By keeping our eyes and ears wide open for new developments in terms of sustainability and trying to apply them in the hotel wherever possible.
  • In 2016 we added ‘Ogreen Cleanmachines’ to all hotel rooms for cleaner air for our guests.
  • We support different charities and small social initiatives.