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The Michelin guide says: “Some hotels just have IT, and Mary K is one of them. We run out of words trying to describe the interior of this modern hotel. To name some: fresh, playful and a little quirky. You are guaranteed to go home with some great ideas for your own home decor.”

Playboy says: “If you can’t get your girl into the right mood here, you’re on your own.”

Where to sleep according to the Washington Post: “Mary K Hotel: Artsy, unpretentious, historic hotel overlooking the canal, with cellar patio at water level.”

The Lonely Planet marked us as ‘top choice’ hotel. “A bevy of Utrecht artists decorated the rooms at this ideally situated canal house.”

De Standaard (Belgium) says: “Not luxury ór sustainable, but both. Old, new, borrowed and homely, all mixed together. Ánd on a great spot and run with love. Why are you not on your way yet?”

Tripadvisor awarded us with a Travellers’ Choice™ Award in 2015, 2016 and 2019 ! in the category Best Service and Romantic hotels. Only 25 hotels in the Nederlands get this award per category. We also recieved a “certificate of Excellence” the last 7 years in a row now. With this we are part of the top 10% hotels of the world.

We are so proud and grateful for all of you who take the time to write about us! A couple of Tripadvisor reviews titels:
“Stop looking and book this NOW!!! You will not find a better place to stay than this perfect gem”
“Best hotel in town, maybe in the country. ”
“Outstanding. Luxury at its best.”
“Beautiful Sustainable Retreat”

From we recieved a Gold Award with a score of 4.9 out of 5 based on our guest reviews. This means a shared number 1 place for all hotels on in the Netherlands.


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